Dear Elder Slavens

Dear Elder Slavens

Elder Dallin J Slavens Cambodia Phnom Penh

Elder Chancellor J Slavens Idaho Twin Falls

Monday, March 9, 2015

Ether probably liked Eggs

What a SPLENDID week it has been, do you agree? THAT'S GREAT!!!!! 

     In my last email, I forgot to tell you about the best part of my last week! the night before all the Thais left, my master (Elder Swagger) decided to hold a competition for who would receive his bathrobe. A foot race for only the most FEARLESS of contestants. I decided to think of the Maze Runner while I was running the twisty halls of the MTC residency. But then something I did not expect... STAIRS. I tripped and fell down a flight of stairs. I twisted my ankle so good. So I had to get it iced and stuff. I think it was God punishing me for being an idiot. It's probz gonna be happening a lot. 

     But the Thais did leave us with a noisemaker for the long, dark nights! One of the settings is "heartbeat" and every time someone turns it on and turns off the lights I instantly go into fight or flight attack mode. Someone always gets a black eye. 

     IMPORTANT IMPORTANT IMPORTANT!!! My parents sent me my new drivers license. So if someone would like to WIN my old one, then enter this competition. The first one to send me a letter will receive my old drivers license in the mail. No charge to you. Mail away. 

      HEY! Are you wondering to yourself... why hasn't Dallin talked about eggs yet? Well prepare yourself for THIS! We have done the math. We were curious how many eggs we have all individually eaten since we have been here. After hours of working hard on a chalk board to solve the problem, we have figured it out... We have all individually eaten almost 260 eggs since we have been in the MTC. And I am so sad, because I only have about 48 more eggs to go before I am out of here. Cambodia better be ready for my iron stomach.
     Skyping a member in Cambodia was so fun last week! He was this old guy, and he kept looking into the corner of the screen, and then when I asked him what he was up to, he moved the computer screen to reveal there was a crowd of like 8 people listening to us. So we preached to the masses. 

     I will end my week with the miracle that happened to me. It was all thanks to a certain Erin Bartlett (Sorry if I butchered your last name lol). So one day I was having major struggles because I realized I only have about 2 and a half more weeks in the MTC, and I SUCK at speaking Cambodian. But then I got this package in the mail from Erin, one of the babes who was in my ward at BYU, and she told me to read Ether chapter 12, and to relate it to my language learning ability. Verse 27 spoke to me. It said to turn your weaknesses into strengths, you have to have humility and faith. I was like, "what the heck! I have humility! I'm the humbelest ever!" I was asking God for help on the language every night. But what I was lacking was faith. I didn't KNOW every night that the next day I would be better at Cambodian because I asked. But once I read that scripture, I realized that once I KNEW that God would help me, it came so much faster. 

     I'm preparing to head off to Cambodia in about 2 weeks, and you guys, I got some ants in my pants! I'm stoked! I love y'all! Have a sweet-nasty week. 

Free rabbit pellet ice 

​This Elder doesn't speak English, and he has like 12 last names. But our love is still strong. 

​Bow down, commoners 

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